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The global configuration allows you to set default values for all available props so you don't have to specify every one of them when using the popper directive or components.

It also describes the available themes.

You can change the configuration options during install with the arguments:

import FloatingVue from 'floating-vue'
Vue.use(FloatingVue, options)

Or directly on FloatingVue:

import FloatingVue from 'floating-vue'
FloatingVue.options.distance = 12

For a specific theme:

import FloatingVue from 'floating-vue'
FloatingVue.options.themes.dropdown.distance = 12

Default values

The default global options are:

export const config: FloatingVueConfig = {
  // Disable popper components
  disabled: false,
  // Default position offset along main axis (px)
  distance: 5,
  // Default position offset along cross axis (px)
  skidding: 0,
  // Default container where the tooltip will be appended
  container: 'body',
  // Element used to compute position and size boundaries
  boundary: undefined,
  // Skip delay & CSS transitions when another popper is shown, so that the popper appear to instanly move to the new position.
  instantMove: false,
  // Auto destroy tooltip DOM nodes (ms)
  disposeTimeout: 5000,
  // Triggers on the popper itself
  popperTriggers: [],
  // Positioning strategy
  strategy: 'absolute',
  // Prevent overflow
  preventOverflow: true,
  // Flip to the opposite placement if needed
  flip: true,
  // Shift on the cross axis to prevent the popper from overflowing
  shift: true,
  // Overflow padding (px)
  overflowPadding: 0,
  // Arrow padding (px)
  arrowPadding: 0,
  // Compute arrow overflow (useful to hide it)
  arrowOverflow: true,
   * By default, compute autohide on 'click'.
  autoHideOnMousedown: false,
  // Themes
  themes: {
    tooltip: {
      // Default tooltip placement relative to target element
      placement: 'top',
      // Default events that trigger the tooltip
      triggers: ['hover', 'focus', 'touch'],
      // Close tooltip on click on tooltip target
      hideTriggers: events => [, 'click'],
      // Delay (ms)
      delay: {
        show: 200,
        hide: 0,
      // Update popper on content resize
      handleResize: false,
      // Enable HTML content in directive
      html: false,
      // Displayed when tooltip content is loading
      loadingContent: '...',
    dropdown: {
      // Default dropdown placement relative to target element
      placement: 'bottom',
      // Default events that trigger the dropdown
      triggers: ['click'],
      // Delay (ms)
      delay: 0,
      // Update popper on content resize
      handleResize: true,
      // Hide on click outside
      autoHide: true,
    menu: {
      $extend: 'dropdown',
      triggers: ['hover', 'focus'],
      popperTriggers: ['hover', 'focus'],
      delay: {
        show: 0,
        hide: 400,

Made by Guillaume Chau with ❤️