# Getting started

floating-vue is a library helping you add tooltips, dropdowns and other poppers into your Vue application.

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# Sponsors

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# Quick start

  1. Install the package:
  1. Add the plugin into your app:
import FloatingVue from 'floating-vue'

  1. Add the default style:
import 'floating-vue/dist/style.css'

Learn more about installation

  1. Use the v-tooltip directive:
<button v-tooltip="'You have ' + count + ' new messages.'">

Learn more about the directive

  1. Use the VDropdown or VMenu component:
  <!-- This will be the popover target (for the events and position) -->
  <button>Click me</button>
  <!-- This will be the content of the popover -->
  <template #popper>

Learn more about the component